S5 E3: “Managing” Nature

September 29, 2021

If the Enlightenment was so great, why was it not a course correction? Did newer cultural values that took hold in the West in this period speed up our race toward ecological suicide? Part 3 of The Repair, our series on the climate crisis.

By this season’s co-host, Amy Westervelt, with host and producer John Biewen. Interviews with Devin Vartija, Darren Dochuk, Melissa Aronczyk, and Amber Kanazbah Crotty.

The series editor is Cheryl Devall. Music in this episode by Lili Haydn, Kim Carroll, Chris Westlake, Lesley Barber, and Cora Miron. Music consulting by Joe Augustine of Narrative Music.

Season 5 art and image editing by Mara Guevarra. Episode image: Photo of a painting of Gifford Pinchot by artist Stan Galli, 1955, with image editing by Mara Guevarra. The painting was commissioned by the Weyerhauser Timber Company for an ad campaign promoting “productive” forest management. Image courtesy of the Forest History Society, Durham, North Carolina.

The Repair is supported by Scene on Radio listener-donors, and by the International Women’s Media Foundation.

Download a PDF of the transcript.

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